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Fast Food Giants Embrace Fashion Collaborations

In a striking demonstration of how brands are innovating to connect with a younger, ad-averse demographic, fast-food giants Burger King and McDonald’s have each launched unique fashion collaborations. These ventures reflect a growing trend in the industry, where companies blend culture and commerce to appeal to Gen Z and millennial consumers.

Burger King’s Flame-Grilled Fashion with Fila:
Burger King in Brazil has unveiled a fashion collection in partnership with sportswear brand Fila, themed around its signature flame-grilled food. The collection, aptly named “The Collab Born from Fire,” includes items like the FX-33 sneaker, a cap, a bucket hat, socks, and a shoulder bag. These products are available on and at Fila stores in Brazil. The campaign, created by David São Paulo, marks Burger King’s first foray into the Brazilian fashion scene, marrying its culinary identity with Fila’s streetwear aesthetic.

McDonald’s Quirky Crocs Collaboration:
Parallelly, McDonald’s Canada has taken a whimsical turn by partnering with Crocs. This collaboration introduces a limited-edition line of shoes, socks, and Jibbitz charms, drawing inspiration from McDonald’s iconic mascots – Grimace, Birdie, and the Hamburglar. The collection, which includes a charitable component benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities, is available at, Crocs retail outlets, and select wholesalers. Alyssa Buetikofer, vice president and chief marketing officer at McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada, emphasizes the collaboration as a way for customers to express their love for McDonald’s in a bold, fashionable manner.

These collaborations are not just about launching products; they represent a strategic move to build lifestyle brands that resonate with younger audiences. The idea is to create a blend of culture and commerce, attracting those who may shun traditional advertising but are open to branded merchandise. Both collaborations are timely and aim for global appeal, understanding the borderless nature of internet virality.